[First published on Medium] It was not very long ago (Nov 2, 2013 to be precise) when Aileen Lee (aileenlee now at Kleiner Perkins, then at Cowboy Ventures) famously standardized the term “Unicorn” to tag startups that were valued over $1B by public or private market investors. Over the 30 months since then, we have… Read More

[First published on Medium] 11 million highly confidential documents were leaked anonymously from a secretive law firm in Panama that allegedly links a large number of heads of state and other public figures with clandestine bank accounts in offshore tax havens [if you have not already, read all about it here, and here]. The information… Read More

[First published on Medium] It was nearly 30 years ago that I first got infatuated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and I ended up focusing both my undergraduate and graduate engineering research on applications of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). My first two jobs after graduate school stayed in the same groove; over 6 years I developed… Read More

[First published on Medium] One of my portfolio companies that I have been very involved with is ownCloud which develops (both open source and commercially licensed) enterprise software; it runs within an enterprise’s perimeter (in data-centers or in private/hybrid clouds). The technology allows you to access files regardless of where they sit on the enterprise network… Read More

Likely to precipitate bursting of the bubble rather than presage it [First published on Medium] Over the past few days there has been much discussion of large investors like Fidelity Investments marking down their holdings in “unicorn” startups like Snapchat, Dropbox, Zenefits and Blue Bottle. Widely followed tech publications [Techcrunch] have been forecasting the popping… Read More

[First published on Medium] Kids have a natural curiosity about how the world works and I have found economic and financial theory to be a great framework to explain all kinds of phenomena to them. On our substantial car drives to and from after-school activities, there is an almost constant discussion of current events and… Read More

As the father of pre-teen kids, I have had to grapple with questions about how much online freedom to allow them.   Over the past few years, as we traveled the world and they made friends everywhere, our girls have increasingly found a need to communicate electronically.  By the time they turned seven, I decided it… Read More

Last week, on one of the hottest afternoons in New York City this summer, I found myself cooling off in a swanky Midtown bar with an  investment banker.  Within minutes our conversation turned to reports of frenzied interest among large institutional investors in India’s growing online businesses.    I cracked a smile as I had just heard the same… Read More

Answer by Shyam Kamadolli: I usually do not respond to anonymous A2A requests – but I believe this is of more pervasive interest so it may be worth sparking a discussion here. (Ended up TL;DR)  There are usually three tracks to get to be a partner in a VC firm. One is based on impeccable… Read More